Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love and Luc Tuymans

I am in love with Luc Tuymans.

Here it is ... someone who is after my soul. Someone who can and does look deeply at a thing. Someone who gets it. This deep and thoughtful conversation on painting means so much to me.

Bombsite: Luc Tuymans and Kerry James Marshall

I really love art, truly, deeply. It is art that makes life more than mean and hard -- in whatever form you find it, wherever you find it -- brought into being by any impulse which drives the someone to make art. Such a futile endeavor. Such a folly. Yet what a desert life is without it.

I am really tired -- deeply fatigued with the war between the "makers and the thinkers." It is bullshit.

There's an illness in this need to exclude. It is an illness knitted from fear of differentness. It is a fear of being proved irrelevant. It is the fear of god in a way of thinking. The fear of being judged and being found lacking. So let us condemn before we ourselves are condemned -- a fear of oblivion and meaninglessness.

We go at it like fundamentalists. If you don't come at it like I do -- if you don't do what I do -- expect what I expect -- then you're an atheist and there's no place for you.

However you come to work. Whatever way you love. That's enough. It's a spectrum of thinking. Different ways of thinking deeply. Different ways of giving over. Give over. Make room for those who would give over.

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