Tuesday, October 11, 2011

relevant quotes

"... I would like to ask a question about the exact involvement in a work of art. What kind of love or grief is there in it? I don't understand, in a painting, the love of anything except the love of painting itself. If there is agony, other than the agony of painting, I don't know exactly what kind of agony that would be. I am sure external agony does not enter very importantly into the agony of our painting." - Ad Reinhardt statement: Artist's Session at Studio 35 (1950) taken from p. 298,

_New York School Abstract Expressionit: Artists by Choice_ by Marika Herskovic

"[Pat] Steir exemplifies the old rule that the best painters are always engaged in a learning process, at which they almost always get better." - Stephen Mueller, "Pat Steir: Cheim & Read" (Review), _Art in America_, June/July 2011, p. 186

Cheim & Read - Pat Steir Artist's Page

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